As a company, we have a great focus on the working environment and the environment as a whole.

In addition to aerosol products, we also produce chemical-technical products, personal care products etc. in jars – bottles – trigger sprays – tubes – cans – cartridges etc., in our extensive range we have e.g. products and aids for industry – military – agriculture – forestry – the food sector – hunting and fishing – car care – electronics – household – personal care – hobby and leisure. A large part of our products are developed and customized with the customer’s own label. In other words, the product appears as the customer’s own brand, as “private label”. We continuously work on developing new products, often in collaboration with raw material suppliers and our customers.

Danish quality / Made in Denmark

We are able to fill and deliver in:
  – “Trigger” bottles
  – Bottles from 30 ml. – liters
  – Containers from 10 liters – 60 liters

  – Jars
  – Aerosols
  – Tubes
  – Cans

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