Company Profile

Since 2005, Go 4 Nordic has been involved in the development, manufacture and distribution of sustainable products and technologies to improve the environment and people’s everyday lives.

Technology and products

We have established ourselves as a company specializing in technologies such as nanotechnology, intelligent liquids, carbon dioxide technology, eyeglass technology and alternative transport solutions.

In addition, we produce high quality and environmentally friendly products that improve the lives of people. We also focus on people who need to get from A to B quickly and environmentally friendly in cities or other long-distance areas.

Nanotechnology from Lion Protect

How we work

Our development department is constantly working on new products and improvements in terms of product quality and environment and safety. Through our company structure and in close dialogue with our customers, we are able to meet specific requirements and wishes.

Before entering the market, all our products are thoroughly tested to ensure the high quality we always strive to achieve. Therefore, we have obtained many approvals and quality certificates.

Our range is constantly expanding in our quest to achieve the goal of being an eco-friendly supplier that makes life easier and safer for our customers in their jobs and leisure.

The electronic scooter from Maxibianca

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